Prepare the Official Government Forms Yourself

Prepare the official government forms yourself.  These forms can be found at the links to the side, along with valuable information.

The Self-Help option is for clients who feel comfortable with their own record-keeping, and do not have complicated circumstances, such as a divorce, self-employment, a foreclosure, a wage garnishment, etc.  

You chase down your financial information yourself, and fill in the pages of the official government bankruptcy form. Then, bring it to me for review.

It is very important that you read the instructions for every item on the government form.  The government websites also have valuable instructions.



After you have filled out the petition, schedules, statement of financial affairs, income information, etc., make an appointment and bring your petition in for my review.

I will review your petition page-by-page, and make suggestions about additions or changes. Additionally, unlike document preparers and paralegals, I am allowed to give you legal advice. 



I charge a flat fee, which is significantly less than you would pay if you hired an attorney to represent you.  I will review your petition ONCE, which typically takes 1-2 hours.  I will explain what happens at the meeting of creditors.



However, I will NOT become your attorney.  You will continue to represent yourself. You will appear at the meeting of creditors by yourself. And you will be responsible for any corrections the Chapter 7 trustee needs.



Web Links for DO IT YOURSELF

The basic Web Links you need to prepare, and file, your own petition are the following: 

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